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Welcome to the WooCommerce Attribute Stock online documentation.

With attribute stock, you can set up complex stock configurations in WooCommerce with relative ease. Track and manage shared stock, variable quantities, product addons, combo packs, measurements, components, and much more!

What problem does Attribute Stock solve?

If you've used WooCommerce for a little while, you know its stock capabilities are quite limited. Each product or product variation can have a stock quantity and that's about it. Essentially your products are your stock items.

This works fine when you're selling simple products, but as soon as you need to do things like share stock between multiple products, or deduct different amounts of stock quantities per sale, you're out of luck.

How does Attribute Stock solve this?

Attribute Stock extends WooCommerce's stock functionality by adding a few essential features like stock items that are separate from your product listings, allowing them to be used across multiple products. And stock multipliers that let you specify how much stock to deduct for each purchase of a product, variation, attribute term, or stock item.

With these tools at your disposal you can create all kinds of interesting and bespoke stock setups to suit your range of products, no matter how complex they are.

Design principle

A primary design principle of Attribute Stock is to extend WooCommerce without changing its core functionality. In a nutshell this means plugins, themes and custom code that work with WooCommerce should also work seamlessly with Attribute Stock without any further modification.

While we do our best to ensure this, there are a few caveats which we'll touch on later in this documentation.