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WooCommerce Attribute Stock includes a fully integrated WooCommerce REST API endpoint, which can be used to read and manage your attribute stock items from external software.

Before you can access the WooCommerce REST API for your site, you'll need to create an API key. Please refer to the official guide for instructions.

For further instructions and examples of using the WooCommerce REST API, please refer to the WooCommerce REST API documentation.

Stock item properties

idintegerUnique identifier for the stock item.readonly
titlestringStock item name.
slugstringStock item post slug.readonly
skustringInternal stock keeping unit.
enabledbooleanWhether the stock item is enabled or disabled.
statusstringThe post status of the stock item.
quantitynumberCurrent stock quantity.
low_stocknumberLow stock threshold. An empty string ("") inherits the global WooCommerce setting.
internalbooleanInternal stock is ignored when determining the stock availability of matched products.
multiplexbooleanDeduct stock for multiple matching rules simultaneously instead of only the first matched rule.
lock_multipliersbooleanPrevent this item's stock multipliers from being overridden by products.
product_imagebooleanUse this item's stock image as a fallback for matched products with no image.
image_idintegerAttachment ID of the stock image.
componentsarrayList of component relationships.
match_rulesarrayList of attribute match rule data.
productsarrayProducts filter. List of product IDs.
exclude_productsarrayExclude products filter. List of product IDs.
categoriesarrayCategories filter. List of category IDs.
exclude_categoriesarrayExclude categories filter. List of category IDs.
product_typesarrayProduct types filter. List of product type strings.
tagsarrayList of tag names.
notesstringInternal notes.
createddate-timeThe date the stock item was created, in the site's timezone.readonly
created_gmtdate-timeThe date the stock item was created, in GMT.readonly
modifieddate-timeThe date the stock item was last modified, in the site's timezone.readonly
modified_gmtdate-timeThe date the stock item was last modified, in GMT.readonly

List stock items

GET /wp-json/wc/v3/attribute-stock


contextstringScope under which the request is made; determines fields present in response. Options: view and edit. Default is view.
pageintegerCurrent page of the collection. Default is 1.
per_pageintegerMaximum number of items to be returned in result set. Default is 10.
statusstring|arrayStatus of post object. Options: any, publish, draft, trash. Default is any, which is equivalent to ["publish", "draft"].
enabledbooleanOverrides status if present. true is equivalent to publish status. false is equivalent to draft status.
searchstringLimit results to those matching a string.
afterstringLimit response to resources published after a given ISO8601 compliant date.
beforestringLimit response to resources published before a given ISO8601 compliant date.
excludearrayEnsure result set excludes specific IDs.
includearrayLimit result set to specific IDs.
offsetintegerOffset the result set by a specific number of items.
orderbystringSort collection by object attribute. Options: title, sku, quantity, date, id, include, and slug. Default is title.
orderstringSort order. Options: asc and desc. Default is asc.

Single item requests

Retrieve a stock item

GET /wp-json/wc/v3/attribute-stock/<id>

Create a new stock item

POST /wp-json/wc/v3/attribute-stock

Update a stock item

PUT /wp-json/wc/v3/attribute-stock/<id>

Delete a stock item

DELETE /wp-json/wc/v3/attribute-stock/<id>

Batch update stock items

POST /wp-json/wc/v3/attribute-stock/batch


Attribute stock includes standard WooCommerce webhook topics (under WooCommerceSettingsAdvancedWebhooks) for changes on attribute stock items.

Webhooks are useful in combination with workflow automation services like For example, you could automatically export your attribute stock list to a Google Sheet whenever there's a change. Or email yourself a weekly CSV stock report.

See the WooCommerce Webhooks documentation to learn more about webhooks.